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This site/app provides a guide for wellness activities. It also allows you to create a secure, personal healthcare file for children and adults.

Wellness can be defined as an optimum state of health. Wellness can be affected by family history and past personal health. Wellness can be increased by activities in health promotion, illness and injury prevention, self care and treatment.

Health promotion involves improving and maintaining healthy attitudes, good nutrition, active living, healthy personal environment, education, employment and spirituality.

Illness and injury prevention consists of personal illness and injury prevention as well as periodic health examinations with appropriate screening.

Self care knowledge allows individuals to take care of minor illnesses and injuries and to know when to seek professional help.

Treatment consists of seeking professional care, from a variety of health care providers, as required.

Wellness can also be improved by knowing Early Warning Signs of Possible Serious Illness as well as Cancer Awareness.

Improving wellness can give you and your family healthier lifestyles, increased self esteem, more energy, decreased illness and injury, and longer and healthier lives.